Val Astaire is an indie pop/alternative rock persona created by Brian Anthony Joyce in 2018. Hailing from Philadelphia, now based in Los Angeles.

Through the use of 80's synth and 90's angst, Val Astaire as a whole is unafraid to create songs and visuals that test the limits of social norms in hopes to spark a conversation.

“I think we all have the potential to be a vessel for something greater. Creating is where I feel the most expressive. And if I’m able to exercise that creativity and express a truth which evokes emotion and speaks passion - then the possibilities of connecting through one another are endless.”

This message rings especially true in the debut album “Fever Dreams” released July 17, 2020 via ESI Records. Throughout the album, Val Astaire hold no bars when it comes to particularly sensitive subjects such as loss, opioid addiction, religious condemnation, and suicide awareness.

Throughout his career, Brian Anthony Joyce has toured with artists such as PVRIS, The Starting Line, Mayday Parade, and Jimmy Eat World.

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