About: Val Astaire

Val Astaire is conceived through the notion of an artist unhindered by any religious, political or social status. Val's first single 'The No Funs' is exactly that. An introduction to the world both visually and lyrically, Val steps forth in the singles video premier giving an inside look at the pure state in which this exists. 

 “The No Funs” sounds like what you might get if you crossed moody pop music with 80s classics; Val describes the single as “an attempt to preserve a mental state unhindered by politics, religion or social status.”

Shot, directed, and edited by Val Astaire and photographer / filmmaker Michael Shronk, the video for “The No Funs” features Val dressed head to toe in powder blue, as he’s in a bright red room with various props painted to match. Throughout the clip, he remains stone-faced as he pours a cup of tea, picks up the phone, and plays a keyboard, guitar, and drum. Val never quite makes eye contact with the viewer, instead looking intently at something else in the distance; this, combined with the crisp aesthetic of the video, leads to a feeling that would be almost eerie, if the song wasn’t so catchy." - Substream Magazine, April 2018