Val Astaire is an alternative rock artist created by Brian Anthony Joyce in 2018. This Philadelphia born turned Los Angeles native has spent the better part of a decade contributing to several musical projects across over 60 countries.

“Every day is a new opportunity to reinvent ourselves.” This message is evident in the next era of what’s to come from this solo artist.

Throughout his catalogue, Val Astaire has tapped into influences ranging from Tears for Fears and The Cure to Prince and David Bowie to create a cool, calm and collected sound that walked listeners through a new wave time capsule.

“So many great artists before us mapped out the blueprint. Somewhere along the way we painted over it in the form of quick consumption and fast fashion. I think both socially and spiritually we’re in a void.”

Now, with a little dirt under his nails and a chip on his shoulder, with the support of CJ Eirikkson (Incubus, U2, Jacks Mannequin) Val Astaire is turning it up a bit. Drawing comparisons to Beck, The White Stripes and The Killers - Val Astaire finds himself filling that void louder than ever.

In his newest single “HELL TO PAY” Val Astaire reaches into the space with the grit and angst we desire; replacing padded synth layers with quick, arpeggiated piano melody and opting shoe-gaze guitar tones for a warm overdriven bite. Vocally and lyrically, this is personal.

Throughout his career, Brian Anthony Joyce has toured with artists such as PVRIS, The Starting Line, Mayday Parade, Joywave, IDKHOW and Jimmy Eat World.


Val Astaire - HELL TO PAY (Official Video)