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There’s a fine line to be walked between reckless and ambitious; and that’s exactly the mantra Val Astaire is built upon. 

Coming from a hefty resumé of tours and festivals straight out of high school; Val Astaire, who began his career fronting Philadelphia based punk outfit ‘Major League’ has spent the better half of a decade in over 60 countries and supporting the likes of such bands as Jimmy Eat World, Mayday Parade and The Starting Line as well as 2015/16’s summers on The Van’s Warped Tour. 

What some say was a reckless move at first, Val disbanded Major League in 2016 at the height of their career to begin a solo endeavor which has since flourished into his most ambitious work yet. 

Working with producer and engineer, Christopher Curran of Reclaim Music Studios, Val Astaire has taken both visually and sonically a persona he can only describe as “Salvador Dali meets Broadway to an 80’s soundtrack”, and ran with the creative freedom - everywhere from building entire rooms and directing/filming his own music videos to painting and drawing his own album art. 

“I think if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing fabulously with style and character through and through. If I’m not willing to go all in then I might as well not go at all.”

The direction and change in career/style, Val says, began in 2016 with a notebook entry written in 1998: 

“My mother found a notebook of mine from 1998 and in there was a page that had only two sentences in it - ‘I’m going to be the biggest artist in the world. I’m going to be bigger than Michael Jackson.’ I’m not sure who gave that kid permission to be so ambitious but as his adult contemporary, I feel like it’s my obligation to do that kid justice.”

Val Astaire released the first single of what was to come; “Blow”, in 2017 which was described as “a cross between The Weeknd meets The Cure playing the Breakfast Club” by Substream Magazine. “The No Funs” was the second single released bringing in the New Year with an all new aesthetic visually; portraying an almost porcelain doll persona. Both singles were accompanied by music videos directed, filmed and edited by Val Astaire. 

In August of 2018, Val Astaire teamed up with creative directors and film artists James Morano and Laura Murray to debut the first single off of Val’s debut ep “yellow”. “Fall Apart” was shortly followed by the opening track “Rebel” on October 8th before the ep’s official release on November 9th, breaking over 10k streams first weekend. 

In the months following Fall Apart’s debut, Val Astaire embarked on a promotional tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland as well as a run of US shows with the Baltimore Indie Pop band DRMCTHR. 


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